RZR XP Turbo 4 Seat Review and Tire Setup

No sooner than we get the optimal tire/wheel setup figured out for the new Polaris XP Turbo, Polaris releases the brand new four seat version (as we expected them to) keeping us on our toes and ensuring we figure out the optimal setup as the phone will no doubt be ringing off the hook with questions.

In addition to doing our own extensive testing, we work hand in hand with an umber of members of the media to solicit their feedback on various products and what works best on different machines.  Most recently, we set up UTVGuide.net with a set of comp cut Desert Tracks mounted on Method beadlock wheels to play around with at Camp RZR.  While the wheel is a bit heaveier than some options, if you plan to load the vehicle with passengers, a lighter wheel with less support is running a higher risk of bending.

The shorter, grooved blades of the Desert Tracks still allow for plenty of grip while not rquireing the vehicle to turn a larger blade in addition to the extra weight from passengers.

Read the full recap and check out some amazing pictures from UTVGuide.net HERE.

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