Why Do We Groove Tires?

Much like you can fine tune an engine to enhance the performance of your vehicle, we have the ability to "tune" a tire to match the driving preferences of a customer. Some people like the vehicle to remain planted at all times where others prefer a more loose feeling where the vehicle can drift around dunes.
By changing the height (or length) of a paddle blade, we are reducing the amount of sand the paddle is able to grab, in effect tuning the performance of that tire. Additionally, we have the ability to stager cut paddle blades where we remove a portion of select blades to reduce the area that is grabbing sand. This has a different affect on the tires performance than trimming the height of the blade only.

What About Comp Cutting?

Comp cutting is a process in which we tune the tire even further by removing as much excess rubber from the tire as possible. We literally shave the tire down to where the chords are showing to eliminate excess weight. This has a tremendous effect on the performance of the tire because it removes so much rotating mass from the tire. These tires are not quite as durable however because so much material has been removed from the tire. We do not recommend running comp cut tires in certain duning locations where the likelihood of a puncture is high.